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Friday, February 8, 2013


From our point of view, Glogster is a useful and amazing tool to create, share digital posters and produce intrinsic motivation. Also, we as teachers could use this tool as a support in an oral exposition, presentations about a topic, etc.

Besides, we can teach students to use this resource, so in this manner they will be autonomous and responsible of their own learning (learner-centred approach).

Moreover, learners can work with this tool in order to develop their creativity for instance, when they do projects and their digital competence, do presentations about a topic given by the teacher or a topic of their interest or just to introduce the vocabulary of a unit.

Above all, this digital poster is more interesting than the typical ones and also you can add videos or music in them. we think that it is a different way to use technologies in class.

 In terms of the skills that it can develop:
  • Writing: using the creation of texts as a vehicle.
  • Reading: if you have to insert a text, you will have to select and classify the information.
  • Listening: through the audio and the video you can add as well.
  • Speaking: you can record yourself, even dealing with your errors if after that, you listen what you’ve done.
Here, we attach our glogsters! We hope you like it :)






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