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Friday, February 8, 2013


What's CLIL? What do you need to know about CLIL?

A CLIL is an educative situation in which a language is used to teach a subject. 

  • Teachers are NOT native speakers.
  • There is no a single model for CLIL.
  • CLIL is flexible.
  • The content is the starting point of the planning proccess.

The 4Cs curriculum

There are four guiding principles upon which a CLIL programme can be built.

  • Content: Is the subject or the project theme.
  • Communication: Language is the conduit for communication and for learning. Interaction, using language to learn.
  • Cognition: Engage learners in higher older thinking skills, in order to develop and effective CLIL. 
  • Culture: Self and others awareness/citizenship.

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