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Monday, December 17, 2012


“Thinking about how you read”

Before Reading

During Reading
- Cross-check


     Predict and Confirm

     Skip, Read On, and Go Back

    Connect Background Knowledge to the Information in the Text

    Think about Explicit and Implicit Information

    Stop and Review

After Reading

Why use strategies?

Good readers have developed good habits when they read. They call these habits strategies. 

Strategies help you learn HOW to understand. If you know HOW to understand, then you are more likely TO understand.

Moreover strategies help you realize HOW you are thinking so that you can think more deeply and more consciously.

There are seven reading strategies:

Make connections.

§  Text to self (similar events in your life)
§   Text to text (books, movies, T.V., etc.)
§  Text to life (real world events)

CONNECT yourself to the text! Go passed the OBVIOUS!

-  Ask Questions.

What do you get?

What other questions do you have?

What do you wonder about as you read?

Why ask questions?

§  Asking questions helps keep you focused on the text.

§   If you run into problems, things you just don’t understand, then you can check yourself with a question.

 Determine Importance.

Why is important?

Determine importance is important because you have to decide what is important, you don’t have to remember everything. You can prioritize the information you need in order to understand.

- Think about what a teacher might ask on a test.

- Think about what the author hints might be important later on.

 Infer and Predict.

Good readers are like detectives.

They use clues to determine what is happening in a story. This is called INFERENCE! 



It is important visualize. If you don’t picture the events of the story, you will get bored.    

- Synthesize

What is the meaning of what you are reading?

 Use Fix up Strategies

           Reread                                          Underline



             Use a dictionary                                             Read aloud



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