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Monday, December 17, 2012


Teacher have to make questions about a flashcard in this order.

1) Questions in which children don’t have to respond verbally.

2) Alternative (or choice) questions

3) Yes-no questions

4) Wh- questions

  • convergent questions. Ej. what colour is this? (there is only one response).
  • Open or divergent questions (There are some right responses )
  • Embedded questions (a question in a question)



T: Look at this picture. Can you point the doctor?
Ss: (they point the doctor).
T: Very good! he is a doctor who work in the hospital. And...do you think the job of the blonde woman is a nurse or a teacher?
Ss: She is a nurse.
T: Well done! she is a nurse. i think they are in a hospital. Have you ever been in a hospital?
Ss: yes!
Ss: No!
T: I haven't been in a hospital. What is the doctor doing?
Ss: He is listening.
T: Why do you think the woman who is wearing a red skirt is in the hospital?
Ss: She is ill.
Ss: She has a heartache.
Ss: she can’t breathe very well.
T: Can you tell me if you would prefer to be a doctor or to be a nurse? Why?
Pedro: I would prefer to be a doctor.
T: Why?
Pedro: because I like to cure people.
T: And you María?
María: I would prefer to be a nurse because she doesn’t have to operate on people

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