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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Learn more about Bloom's taxonomy

Remembering: Has to do with what information can remember our pupils.

Understanding: Children are or not are be able to explain ideas and concepts.

Applying: Can our students use the information to do something new, in a new situation?

Analyzing: Has to do with the ability of the children to recognise differents things/parts about what they have done.

Evaluating: Can students give an oppion or justify a decision?

Creating: If they are be able to create a new producte or if they are be able to give a new point of view.

There are six different domains: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create.
We can alsodivide it in two different cognition levels: lower cognitive questions (remember, understand and apply) or higher cognitive questions (analyze, evaluate and create).

Examples of activities:


- Match character names with pictures of the characters.

- What is the main idea of...?

- Make a time line of your typical day.


- Write and perform a play based on the story.

- Can you write in your own words?

- Cut out, or draw pictures to illustrate a particular event in the story.


- Paint a mural using the same materials.

- Dress a doll in national costume.

- Construct a model to demonstrate how it looks or works.


- Can you explain what must have happened when...?

- What are some or the problem of...?

- Can you distinguish between...?


- Prepare and conduct a debate.

- Is there a better solution to...?

- Do you think...is a good or bad thing?


- Invent a machine to do a especif task.

- Create a new product. Give it a name and plan a marketing campaign.

- Write a TV show play, puppet show, role play, song or pantomime about...

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