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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lesson 10.10.12

Well, Today we've seen in classroom different ideas or concepts about oral communication and listening.

Firstly, we spoke about oral communication. We saw the two different kind of oral communication: monologue and dialogue. We think that children build the meaning from their own experiences, moreover they can deduce the meaning through the gestures or tone of the voice of their teacher. They probably understand the global idea although they don understand word by word. So, they use all they know in order to interprate. But not only the children do that, when we are watching an English film, for example, we do the same. On the other hand, is important that we see the discourse as an essential tool in our lesson. But the discourse has a sense, We mean that you have to know why are you writting? You write with an intention.

Secondly, we have learnt more things about listening. Now, we know children need to listen before speaking, they need to know how sound the language. So, they need to listen in order to be able to speak. Moreover, is important to transmite the idea that dont worry if you dont understand everything, sometimes in your mother tongue you dont understand each word that somebody say (in a economic conference, or something like that).

* We want to show you a video wich we found on youtube, is a interview about a English School in Spain which teach English in a funny and creative way. Teachers are speaking English all the time, so they provide rich inputs to their students who are very motivated. The video is from a Spanish TV Programm, so you can see that our students in Spain could learn in another way, not only in the traditional.


  1. Hi, Group 5! I think that our blog is complete, but, from my point of view, it would be good that the information been distributed, because I see a lot of words without picture in this post. For us is not a problem, but for children this can be bad: they can fall into boredom... only this is advice! But, I insist, I like your blog.

    Good luck!

    Jennifer Mª Ortega

  2. Hi!
    I reall like how you have designed your blog, it is very suitable for younger children.
    But maybe you could try to shorten the texts a bit? or maybe add a picture? Jusr to make it a little less text and a bit more fun? But all in all I think you have a really nice blog:)

    1. We are trying add pictures and doing our blog more dynamic and fun.
      Thanks for your suggestion!:)

  3. Hi, group 5!
    I want to say you Congrats for your blog!

    I have decided to add a coment in this post, cause I really like the video! I highlight the images when children are arriving to the English class, It's fantastic! I think it's a good way to make aware that motivation its the better way to learn, and it isn't difficult to achieve it.

    See you!
    Marta Gómez Ocaña