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Monday, October 1, 2012

Our presentation

Hi everyone!

Would you like to teach a language in a different and motivated way?

Would you like to know our reflections about lessons?

This is your blog! (:

The aims of this blog are:

*Showing different resources and tools that you can use in your lessons.

*Connecting what we learn in these subjects with our experiences.

*Providing our point of view about teaching a Foreign Language.

We hope that this will be an interactive blog, so visit our blog and participate! ;)


  1. I'm a memeber of Up to you!!
    First of all I would like to say that I love that strawberry clicker. I like also your voki, and What it's very good from my point of view it's that you have started from the down level because sometimes teachers only think putting up the level and they forget the basic aspect.

  2. Hi Girls!! I´m Criss your blog is nice, the entries are interesting. I like the idea of ​​introducing gaming videos and links. My advice is that you put more animations.

    See you soon!!

  3. Hi all!

    I'm a member of Up to you!
    I would like to tell us that I like your blog so much. The links seems quite interesting, but I would like to know more about you.
    I wouldl like to know your names, interest etc.


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  5. Hello Group 5.

    You made a great choice by picking this title, it's very appealing for kids. Moreover the design is very bright, which is a good thing to attract people's attention.

    Fernando Massoh Regodón

  6. Hello "a magic world called English" !!

    I like so much you blog but, I think you can improve your decoration, you can add some color to the background.

    Listening activities seem very fun and motivating.