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Saturday, February 9, 2013


You have been assigned to teach a new course and have been told that it is very important to take down the names of all students who attend each class. Last term, you circulated a paper and asked all students to write down their names. However, you found that you had more names written down than students attending the day’s class. The term before, you called out the name of the students enrolled in the course and noted who was present and who was absent. This method did not make you very happy because it took a long time at the beginning of the course and you could not note late arriving students. What are some different ways that you can keep attendance this term? 

What can you do?

We think that the teacher could put a mural in the wall in which will appear photos of all students of the class and the days of the week. So, when children break into the class, they have to put a green stick in their photo and in the day of the week.

Also, the teacher could put a poster in which appear a house and the school. So, when children come in to the class they have to put in the school their photo that they should take it from a box. 

This is an example:

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