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Saturday, November 3, 2012


How would you do a storytelling? Remember is TELLING don't READING.

Last year we had to do an storytelling, you can use it like a model .)

In this video you can see one member of our group (Marta León, the teacher) and one of our classmate (Cristina Muñoz).

What's a storytelling? 

Storytelling has to do with tell a story using gestures, different tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. It's not the same as reading a story aloud or reciting a text from memory. When you do a storytelling you take into account your learners, they have to participate on it.


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  1. Hello girls! Your blog looks so tender!
    I really like the idea of loading videos where memebers of the group can be seen. It makes it a lot more interesting! ;)
    Ana W.